My name is Dennis. I'm a compulsive gambler. Last time I made a bet was January 7th, 2003. I suffered through 14 years of gambling before I started to get serious about my recovery.
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Hi my name is xxxx I’m 12 years old and have three sisters. And well my dad is addicted to gambling. My mom and dad have been fighting ever since he started his problem which is about three years ago and now it scares me to think that they might get a divorce. Read more >

Imagine that your own 11 year old daughter approaches you and says "Dad, I want to talk to you please". You say, "Sure honey, what is it?" She then asks your other 8 year old daughter and your 4 year old son to leave her room so she can plead with you to stop gambling. Imagine that you see her tears and then you tell her that nothing causing her to cry would be worth doing again; yet you go and do it over and over again. Have you not, at that stage, lost your human side out to a formidable foe?! Read more >

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to tell my husband that once again we have a major credit card bill on the way. I swore to him that it would never happen again. I believed my vow, especially when I saw how hard he had to work to pay off the last debt I ran up. How can I tell him I've done it again? Read more >

I have been playing online poker and I have slowly put myself in over 5,000 dollars worth of debt. I do not know what I should do I want to quit gambling but at the same time I have to make the 5000 back b/c I dont have it and it was written through IGM echecks. Read more >

Greetings, My name is xxxx. I'm a compulsive gambler. I've been in the Las Vegas Gambler's Anonymous program since 1992. I've gone out there countless times to try to prove I can gamble like others. I am currently living my program, and am very happy. Read more >

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The National Council on Problem Gambling